About Us

My journey began in the car community in 2010 when I purchased my dream vintage car, the Datsun 240Z. I had a vision of how I wanted to restore and modify the Z, however during this process I quickly learned how scarce parts and information were available. I encountered the reluctancy of shops willingness to help with information and parts, which led me to independently search overseas. After much research and determination, I was able to locate various shops overseas that were willing to guide and assist in restoring the Z to my standards. Even though there was a language barrier, no one would have noticed with our common interest and goals in vintage parts. From this experience, my passion grew to help build a community for people to have easier access to parts to build their dream car.  

I started Lonely Driver Company in 2014, located in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Lonely Driver Company is hugely influenced by my interest in vintage motorsport and design. Our Lonely Driver parts division, focuses on custom bespoke products, personally designed by myself. The Lonely Driver parts division is an extension of my style and is for the builder who wants those extra special details to compliment their build.

Our goal is to cater, but not limited to classic Japanese vehicles. To achieve this we have also partnered up with some of the best companies in Japan. We are the proud Canadian agency for RS Watanabe, Number7, Star Road, and Glowstar. We are grateful to have these vintage Japanese tuning companies alongside our own items and hope to continue to add more in the future.

Forever Gearheads,

Lonely Driver & Doggie Racer X